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G-Suite for Work


G Suite is a highly collaborative yet uncomplicated tool to run any business. It may be the best ever step  taken by you to become productive and fruitful enough to run the business successfully. 

Cost Effective Business Start                                  

Google app can help you to get web address for your company and customized email for your employees. As your business start to flourish add them with few clicks that's it. Save Money

Better Security

Data security is the prime concern for every company. Google app ensures that your data remain safe on any cost. You can use and share data the way you want and Google app will keep backup of this data. That always remains safe and can be retrieved if required in emergencies.

Saves Time

Google apps allows you to work together with anyone be it employees, partners or clients. It provides facilities of creating and editing docs, spreadsheet, presentation and many other sorts of files online. That means you need not to email files every time after editing.


Easy IT Staff Maintenance

Every company spends a lot of amount on IT infrastructure Google apps doesn't requires any maintenance and it is enable to keep everything updated. You automatically come to know every new feature and once you log in all the updates are done automatically. Furthermore, patches don't need to be developed for introducing new software updates it is all done on its own. IT staff ready to help you 24/7 and you can contact them via phone or mail.

Work Remotely

Using Google app means saving your work on cloud. This enables you to access mails, calendar, documents, etc. that mean you can work remotely from anywhere in the world. This also helps you to free your employees from cubicles and let them work remotely. This also saves cost of maintaining office. All they need is the internet and tool be it laptop, desktop, iPhone, blackberry or any other phone with a browser.

Easy Sharing

Invoicing, budgeting can be done with few clicks and can be shared with employees by using Google apps. Collaborative calendars alert company-profile meetings, someone's birthday, etc. This way nothing goes missing.

Go Green

Google app not only helps you but also helps our environment. It reduces expenses, other impacts like unnecessary use of papers and its bad effects on environments. So use Google and go green!


Business houses around the world put their trust in to Google apps. Google applications, which is popularly known as business apps helps in managing day-to-day business activities and allow you to concentrate on core business. The issues like data security, software update, physical distance from office, clerical work, documentation of files, etc. can be handled well by using different apps available on internet.

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Services by CEOITBOX under the above offer :- 

1. Free Domain Health Checkup Service 

2. Admin Console Basics Training

3. Enable all types of security to prevent phishing

4. Boutique Guidance support in customisation of G Mail 

5. Guidance support on how can you build sites on google sites and to host the google sites. 

6. Remote Tech Support till subscription ends.

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Google Suite Basic

per user per month or Rs.2520
per user per year plus tax 

G-Suite Basic includes:

  • Business email addresses
  • Video and Voice calls
  • Integrated online calendars
  • 30GB of online storage for for syncing and sharing
  • Online text documents, spreadsheets and slides
  • Easy to create project sites
  • Security and admin controls
  • 24/7 phone and email support

Google Suite Business

with unlimited storage and vault 
Rs. 714 
per user per month or Rs. 8568 
 per user per year plus tax

Everything in G-Suite Basic plus:

  • Unlimited Storage(or 1TB per user if fewer than 5 users)
  • Advanced admin controls for Drive
  • Audit and reporting insights for Drive content and sharing
  • Google Vault for eDiscovery covering emails chats docs and files
  • Easily search and export two different formats
  • Archive all emails sent by your company
  • Set message retention policies
  • Place and enforce litigation holds on inboxes