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Tech Support Renewal

Support is valid for only 6 months from the 1rst Day of your Tech Mastery workshop or if you have a valid Tech Alumni subscription. Please note that for all other full day workshops Tech Support is valid for 30 days.

If you have attended the workshop more than 6 months ago you can renewing you support subscription or choose to pay per incident.

Charges for Annual Renewal : Rs. 18000 +GST for 12 months

Charges for Individual Support Call (online) : Rs. 1000 +GST (per incident)

After making payment please use the button below to log a ticket:

  1. Our support timings are Mon-Sat 9:30 - 5:30pm (excluding public holidays). Please do not expect the team to respond on support calls post these timings.

  2. Please review the videos & try again before you report an issue. You may have missed a small step.

  3. Please ensure to login with only one Gmail Id, the one you provided to us for the Tech Mastery registration. Multiple ID Login will confuse the programs and create errors.

  4. Please restore the sheet to last working version.

  5. Please also ensure that your team is not entering incorrect data such as incomplete email id’s etc.

  6. We can only provide support to persons who attended the training. We cannot provide support on sheets that you have customized. 

  7. We will NOT make any changes to scripts or develop any new sheets or customize the existing sheets under Tech Support.

  8. Support Calls are on first-cum-first served basis. We shall revert within  24 hours on working days only.

For any further support please call Taruna\Neetu on 9811148346\8257895746