G-Suite Demo

In this Video you will see the amazing features of G-Suite that can help you save Lacs/Crores:

Do you know that your email account can save you Lacs of rupees?

I will tell you in  brief how you can really save a bomb and equip your business to grow in this volatile environment. 

1. SAVE ON SOFTWARE COST: G-Suite has over 60 apps that will save you lacs on buying software like - Windows, MS Office, Photoshop, Inventory Management, CRM, ERP to name a few. 

2. WORKFLOW AUTOMATION: Using Google Apps Scripts, G-Suite allows you to build amazing automated systems that will GET WORK DONE 5x FASTER, 100% Error FREE & ON TIME with LESS MANPOWER.To see the systems you can build click : itbx.in/tmbenefits 

3. AUTOMATE MARKETING to generate business worth Lacs/Crores consistently. G-Suite can send 45k emails per month from a single account. System can also send Whatsapp & SMS automatically to new and existing customers.  

3. DATA SECURITY:  With G-Suite there is no risk of loosing data to hackers, ransomware, employees stealing your precious data. Get rid of all your server headaches, and your IT team can focus on what’s important.  

4. MOBILITY & COLLABORATION - Work from Anywhere:  Allows your team to work from anywhere simultaneously on any document. You can even create a digital office and even  save you Lacs on rentals and admin  costs while giving super flexibility.

  • Centralized Cloud Storage - No need to invest in expensive servers.
  • Audit Trail & Version Management: Save all the versions of documents, check and revert to any previous version at any time.
  • Translate: Translate emails & documents on the fly in over 50 languages in Gmail\Google Apps.
  • Integrate with thousand of Apps like CRM, Project Management, Collaboration which will prove invaluable for your business. 

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