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posted Sep 15, 2018, 11:42 PM by Sanjeev Jain   [ updated Sep 16, 2018, 12:51 AM ]
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Do you know those memes-  “Keep calm and carry on”, “Keep calm and chase your dreams”, "Keep calm and grow a moustache” ,etc, etc? Yeah…the whole “keep calm” thing must have been invented by an “S” person! They’re the only ones who can actually be that calm! And can you believe that 30-35% of the population is like that?

The Supportive or Stable kind, is, just as its name suggests, down-to-earth, relaxed and composed. You won’t get emotions spiking out of this character! So, if you’re looking for someone who is balanced, safe and reliable, look no further! People who have this personality type are very supportive when it comes to their friends’ needs. They will be the first ones willing to help, even if it puts them in a somewhat tight spot.

“S” people are usually regarded as good employees because they are able to do routine work with care and patience. Furthermore, they are good at multi-tasking and meeting deadlines. At the same time, though, they can easily get lost in their desire to help others and therefore, lose sight of what’s important.

When taken out of their comfort zone, “S” people react badly. So give them time to adjust to change. Connected to this is another attribute- passivity. Because such individuals wish to avoid conflicts, they don’t face the situation head on and so, end up experiencing frustration and resentment. These people can hold a grudge, especially if they see you taking credit for their hard work!

Next, we have some tips on how to build a good relationship with a Steady person:

  1. be clear and offer specifics; don’t digress!
  2. recognise their loyalty and service
  3. no sudden movements
  4. no pressure
  5. show openness instead of coming off as aggressive or competitive

What kind of behaviour should you foresee? Well…

  1. keeping calm and carrying on…
  2. a real team player
  3. friendly with colleagues and supervisors
  4. difficulty in prioritising
  5. highly resistant to change

Remember … if you have strong S-Supportive traits (or are in “S-mode”):

  1. Be Confident! You may already be confident in many ways, but it can also be helpful to convey your confidence to others. When you are sure of yourself (and show it), then others can better understand you. Your thoughts and feelings are just as important as anyone else’s are. There is nothing wrong with being firm at times or saying “no” when necessary. It may feel uncomfortable to do so, but you will be helping yourself and everyone else by communicating more openly.

  2. Challenges are OK! Most people do not like challenges or problems. You probably do not either. However, challenges are normal and part of everyday life. They actually help us to become stronger, more resolute, more creative and more solution-oriented. In other words, challenges help us grow. If you can view challenges as being more of a friend than an enemy, then you will be more able to face challenges when they comethem. The path to a better situation is almost always through a challenge rather than around one.

  3. FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real! We all know that fear is real. The point here is that most of what we fear is not based on reality. Most of what we fear is based on what could happen yet never comes to pass. So, rather than focusing on what is not real or what is only hypothetical, choose to focus on what is reality. Most of what we fear is only imagined or based on the unknown. What is true now? Do not let irrational feelings about the future control what you do today. Take one day at a time .

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