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Whatsapp from Any Sheet

Instructions on how to use this sheet.
  1. This sheet can send Whatsapp by selecting a tickbox or on schedule.
  2. Please see detailed video instructions given  above.
  3. This code can also be used to add Whatsapp Functionality to any sheet as explained in the video.
  4. For scheduling a message to go at a particular time, please enter this formula in the "Send" column 
    Formula is  =checkTD("2020/07/9 17:15") , note that date has to be in "YYYY/MM/DD  HH:SS"
  5. Please note that this is a licensed script. Please ensure that you have license for the script or else you will receive an error. 
  • For Charges of the Licence - ( For Non Tech Alumni Members )
  • Contact us for Team License 
  • You need to have an existing Whatsapp API/Gateway subscription to run this sheet. The same is not included with the sheet.
            To purchase license please email or call 8766362949

For any Support please email or visit

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