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Guide - Auto Mail & Message Sender


Auto mail & Message sender addon for Google Sheets lets you schedule and automatically send emails as well as WhatsApp messages. The data from Google Sheets gets converted into PDF and goes as an attachment on email as well as WhatsApp. Static (manual entry) as well as dynamic content can be mentioned in both email and WhatsApp by giving cell references from the Google Sheet. You need to make the settings once in your sheet and this addon will take care of sending as when you desire.

Automation is the core of this addon and it takes care of your boring tasks like sending an email, it also reduces manual intervention and thereby reduces risks. You need to just plug in this addon and then forget about it.

Auto mail & Message sender addon for Google Sheets makes it possible to schedule and send emails/WhatsApp to one or several recipients on a regular basis by following a few steps:

  • Define the email IDs or mobile numbers (either manually or dynamically from the cell reference);

  • Mention the email subject line (either manually or dynamically from the cell reference);

  • Define the email/WhatsApp body (either manually or dynamically from the cell reference);

  • Select the sheets that will be attached as a PDF document;

  • You can either Send it immediately or Schedule for later or recurring purpose

Email settings: You can use the functionalities like To, Cc, Bcc, Subject and Body. You can either mention the details over these functionalities manually or pick it from the cell references. At once go you can mention upto 50 recipients (Google limit).

Schedule settings: Set up the email triggers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Time can be chosen from any of the option provided in the drop down (one hour range provided)

WhatsApp settings: Before sending WhatsApp from the sheet and this addon, you will have to get an API from; after that you will have to mention the username and password

This addon can be used for multiple purposes:

  • Get monthly reports of your team’s performance, send the team also their performance scores against their key matrices;

  • Daily update of your stock status from your inventory sheet;

  • Weekly sales report to the sales head from him to check the performance of his team and forecast his sales;

  • Update your clients on a regular basis with dashboard of sales performances, key indexes, etc.;

and there can be numerous more examples where you can use this addon effectively.

Benefits of Pro:

  • Free accounts provides a limit of 50 messages per day, where in Pro you can unlimited messages (of course subject to Gmail’s account quota)

  • Support over phone and AnyDesk will be available to Pro users

For any support, queries or feedback, you can email the developer at

Disclaimer: Data mentioned in the sheet using this addon is completely confidential and nothing is read, shared or sent anywhere from our side. You can fully trust this addon without any concern related to data privacy.