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Where does this addon work on?

This addon can be found from the GSuite Marketplace. You need to install this addon to your Google Sheets

Can I send emails to multiple recipients at once?

Yes you can send multiple emails at once by putting a comma after each e-mail ID. You can put around 50 e-mails addresses at one go. You can also add multiple email IDs in Cc and BCc also.

How many sheets (as PDF) can be sent in one email?

Google has a limitation while sending out sheets as attachments. It would be suggested if you do not send more than 5 sheets at one go. Sending more sheets can corrupt the PDF file.

Can I schedule these emails to my group emails IDs as well?

If you have more than 50 emails addresses in your schedule, it is advisable to use Google Groups. However, please be careful of the limits.

Depending upon your e-mail service provider, the send condition will vary:

Gmail - if you have 200 people in your Google Group, Gmail will send 200 emails, one to each person in the group.

Other service provider - The email first goes to the group e-mail address and then the service provider splits the group e-mail and send one message to each person within the group.

Can I manually send emails without scheduling?

Yes we have ensured that this feature is available to you, not only it helps in sending out the email immediately also it will help you to check the schedule and the setup that you have set. You can preview how the email will flow at its scheduled time and if changes are required.


Is dynamic value possible in this addon?

Yes, very much. The dynamic value can be mentioned in the To, Cc, BCc, and email subject and body.

This feature will be awesome whenever any weekly on monthly data is to be sent as per the schedule and the value will be picked from a cell which will change over time.

Can images be added to the email body?

As of this feature is not activated.

How many schedule can be setup per sheet?

For the Basic users, 1 schedule can be set up per sheet. For the PRo customers, unlimited schedules can be set up.

Can emails be schedule at half hours, for ex. At 10:30 am?

Unfortunately Google doesn’t allow this kinds of slot. It has to be an one hour range, in that range Google can send the email any time.

How to disable the scheduling?

You can either disable all your schedules or any of your schedules. For the first part, you can click on Reset Email Schedule from the addon menu. If you want to disable any particular schedule, you can click on Email Schedule and click on the green circle mentioning Active to Inactive (red circle)

I am not able to open the addon, loading is taking place from a long time. Why is it so?

This might be because you are logged in with multiple Google accounts in your browser. If you log out from all your accounts, log in with only the account you want to use the plugin with and try it again.

How do I restore my lost settings?

All your schedule settings are stored as a separate sheet (can be found under the unhide sheet option). You can click on the particular schedule you want to restore. You can also use the Revision history settings to restore your previous version of the sheet.