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Cross Platform & Free Office Suite

posted Jul 6, 2015, 9:04 AM by Sanjeev Jain   [ updated Jan 22, 2020, 10:32 PM ]

Unless you live in China, you’ve probably never heard of WPS Office. That is a same because it’s one of the best office suites on the market. Thought it doesn’t contain all the tools offered by Microsoft Office(it offers only a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation tools), It’s for more cost effective than the Microsoft offering and more stable than the libreoffice alternative.

As you would probably know that MS Office costs a huge amount. However, most office users have very basic use for the same which does not justify the high cost of office package.

Not only does WPS Office Free have the basic functions that its peers provide, but it has many outstanding features other software don’t include, such as a pro PDF converter, an advanced paragraph adjustment tool, and humanized table operation. 

Free office productivity suite, WPS Office suite allows you to create top quality documents without worrying about inhibiting the performance of your PC. Although it’s small, Its functionality is complete. WPS Office Suite Free consists of three powerful applications for daily document producing, data analysing and presentation needs known as writer, Spreadsheets and presentation. 

Apart from this you will be surprised to know that WPS Office is also available for Ipad, Iphone, Linux & Android platforms. So you can still use it on your phone\tab for editing the documents you have created on your pc.

WPS Office has quickly become one of finest office suites available. It’s not well known, but that does’t detract from the fact it has surpassed its competition in value. Download the free version and see how quickly WPS Office wins you over .

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